Workshop Schedules

SedAnal: Sedimentation Velocity, Sedimentation Equilibrium, Model Editor
Presenter: Walter Stafford, BBRI

UltraScan-SOMO, A2B: Bead modeling, SAXS/SANS and dynamics

UltraScan-III: Sedimentation Velocity of interacting and noninteracting systems
Presenter: Borries Demeler, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

HeteroAnalysis: Sedimentation Equilibrium
Presenter: James Cole, University of Connecticut

Introductory AUC Workshop:
Presenter: Tom Laue, University of New Hampshire

DCDT+, Sednterp, SVEDBERG:
Presenter: John Philo, Alliance Protein Laboratory

Microscale Thermophoresis:
Presenter: Stefan Duhr, NanoTemper, Munich, Germany

Hydrodynamic transport properties computation with the BEST software package.
Presenter: Sergio Aragon, San Francisco State University

Absolute Macromolecular Characterization of Prot eins Using Light Scattering and Related Techniques:
Presenter: Sophia Kenrick, Wyatt Technologies, Santa Barbara, CA

PLEASE NOTE: Please check the workshop schedule. Several workshops are offered at alternate times to allow mixing and matching of multiple workshops. The workshop registration entitles the participant to combine multiple workshops as the schedule permits. Be sure to bring a laptop to the workshops you are attending. Please check with the presenter for minimum hardware requirements.